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Reflections on Race, Class and Cumulative Adversity

"The Other Side of Black Lives Matter"

December 14, 2015

Several decades ago I spoke with a grieving mother living in one of the poorest inner-city neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side... more 

The Other Side of Black Lives Matter

William Julius Wilson: Ending Poverty Is Possible

September 13, 2012

...He's a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. His landmark work, "The Truly Disadvantaged, the Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy," focused on the factors that contribute to the cycle of poverty and the conference is going to take a look at that report 25 years later. And he is with us now... more

NPR: Ending Poverty Is Possible

The Real Test of Welfare Reform Still Lies Ahead

July 13, 2001

A significant question remains: To what extent are these positive outcomes related to the extraordinary economic boom in the late 90's and into 2000? ... more

Wilson and Cherlin

At 80, W.J. Wilson, scholar of race and class, looks ahead

December 29, 2015

"When President Clinton introduced me, he proceeded to talk about my book 'The Truly Disadvantaged,' and all these national scientists saw that the president not only read my book but could talk about it and had been influenced by it," he says. Clinton knew the book so well he even mentioned the page count, 187... more


A Conversation with Coates, Western, and Edin

The Neighborhood Effect

November 05, 2012

It's unlikely that Jacqueline had heard of William Julius Wilson, but the experiment that would change her life traces its intellectual roots in part to the Harvard sociologist's 1987 book, The Truly Disadvantaged. Wilson upended urban research with his ideas about how cities had transformed in the post-civil-rights period... more

The Neighborhood Effect

The Future of Black Politics

January 9, 2012

The pursuit of economic justice, as Dawson suggests, requires multiracial cooperation. Accordingly, to strengthen the foundation for multiracial cooperation, we need to... more

Future of Black Politics